About Serendipitous

Welcome to the blog! We are so happy that you stopped to take a peek at some of our upcoming events and some of the events Serendipitous has completed in the past! You might find a few tips, sneak peeks, ideas and a few other fun quirks!

Serendipitous Events is a full service eventing planning company out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota! On the blog you can expect to see a few things from Jessica’s personal life as well as a lot from the company side of her life! Jessica puts her heart, sole and fabulous shoes into everything she does and that includes the events she plans.

Jessica has been planning events for over 10 years and has had serendipitous Events for more than 6 of those 10. There are currently two planners and three interns working for Serendipitous Events. Serendipitous specializes in wedding, corporate, and private events!

Read a little and love a lot! Send us an email if you have questions or comments!!!

Follow Serendipitous Events, social media, for more great ideas on planning your events:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SerendipitousEvents/
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/eventsbyjessica/
Twitter: @_Serendipitous_
Website: www.SerendipitousEventsByJessica.com



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