Rain, Rain Go Away!


I am talking RAIN! Do you have a plan B? In South Dakota our weather changes like we change underwear! Well I hope you change your underwear frequently…daily… eh back on topic! Less coffee more work!

Our South Dakota weather is crazy and even if you live in an area where your weather is not crazy you must have a plan!  A tent, a church, a venue and some umbrellas! There are many small churches in the area that will allow you to rent at minimal cost in case of rain.  Your guests may choose to bring their own umbrella but it is always a good idea to have some on hand just in case!  Hey umbrellas will never go out of style so you are in luck!

Speaking of luck, do you think your marriage will be cursed if it rains on your wedding day? Some people believe rain brings good luck! Rain does after all provide the earth with nourishment for crops! Rain is said to cleanse, provides a new day, it symbolizes; blessings and unity! Rain is filled with good things!

Rain, as wonderful as it can be, can set a bride without a plan though a tizzy! If you are the type of bride who will feel as if the world is coming to an end and your day is ruined because of rain I would highly suggest not even having an outdoor wedding or reception as an option!

Stay on the positive side of life! Rain happens! but so does sh…never mind! Your day will be as perfect as you let it be! smile and say “oh well”! Hey, you can always hire a planner to help you with this Planning stuff!

Perhaps this is best summed up by the Italian wedding saying “Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunata,” which when translated literally means “Wet Bride, Lucky Bride.”




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