A Birthday for the Gentleman turning ONE!

How fun are kids birthday parties? A ton! and you know what? They are fun to plan as well! Layton’s mom came to me a few months back and wanted a unique space for her sons first birthday party!  Serendipitous Events is housed within a studio and that was the perfect spot! High ceilings, wood floors, bright light and of course in the heart of DTSF! Amy the Momma got started with her ideas right away.  She wanted to have owls and mustaches so what better than “Whooo’s the Gentleman turning one” for the line written at the top of the invitation!

Take a look below at the adorable invitation

Planning a party for your kiddo does not have to cost an arm and a leg but it can if you don not have a clear plan or an idea of inexpensive but talented vendors!   Plus that is why I am here..I plan! Let me help you! Especially if I have to attend! 🙂

Amy utilized Etsy for a lot of ideas and signs!

Pinterest was a HUGE help as she and I could find her vision  for this party! We found tons of great ideas like stringing balloons rather than hanging individually!

Ah by the way  there is a helium shortage going on so do not plan on balloons unless you have 50 students who can blow them up for you! Not that we did that or that we ever would!


 This party was so much fun to be a part of and I am so happy that Amy, Aaron and Layton asked me to be a part of it! Now for the good stuff…the rest of the photos!



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